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Need ideas to promote Literacy in school?

Posted by Blossome Allen on November 9, 2010 at 4:53 AM

Teachers and reading advocates, encourage your students to read by sharing the books you read with your students. Also, plan a school-site book fair (check scholastic or make your own, take your students to a local book fair, sponsor a school-wide/class book club and invite Administration participation. Miami residents, the local book fair, Miami Book Fair International is during November, check the web.

In addition, do not forget the National African American Read-in Chain in February! Check the NCTE site.

Host a read-in at your school site including Black diaspora writings annually. Your audience? your intensive reading and regular kids and faculty. Presenters?  Students, faculty and staff. Hispanic Heritage month is also a great literary occassion.

 And of course, invite local writers or school site authors for a panel discussion during Black History month, Hispanic Heritaget Month and to a schoolwide one community one book presentation.

Technology? Utilize students' love of and skills with technology. Have students create newspapers from their various reads, a literary book club presentation on the closed- circuit television, powerpoint book report presentations. 

 Let students turn a book into a play by writing their scripts and dramatizing it  for the school community.

Get students involved!

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