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The correctprocedure in carpet cleaning for removing stains and spills is generally thesame; simply blot the area where the spill is found moving from the outer rimof the spill toward the center. This prevents further spreading of the spilledliquid. Repeatedly blot it till most of the spill has been removed from thecarpet. After removing the extra liquid spray or sponge the soiled area with acleaning solution then once again blot the carpet with paper towels to dry thespot. Next, rinse the cleaned area with warm water and blot dry again. Alwaysremember to only dab at the area and never scrub the carpet. Scrubbing furtherembeds the liquid in the carpet making it difficult to remove. Lastly, air drythe spot or place an electric fan in the area for faster drying. For stubborn water soluble stain like blood, coffee, wine,chocolate and others you may use a different solution. Mix 1 tablespoonful ofammonia with one cup water. This solution however damages wool or wool-blendcarpets so use only the first cleaner mix for those.



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I used ammonia but it didn't clean the spots well then i called carpet cleaners to take it for cleaning. They cleaned all the spots really well and turned it new and fresh.

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