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Organicproducts are those products grown without fertilizers containing synthetics,sewage sludge or the conventional pesticides. Bio engineering and ionizationradiation should also not have been used.Organic foods are popular because oftheir quality and wholesome nature. The method of production of these foods isin addition earth friendly. Organic agriculture is also valued as much becauseit has fewer health risks. This can be because the farmers use less of thetoxic chemicals and try to use natural alternatives as much as they can.Organic Foods certified by the United States Department of Agriculture asorganic are really organic in content. They will therefore bear a certificationseal. If a farmer is changing from conventional farming to organic production,the product will have a seal labeled 'transition'. Organic health productsmight be all natural but for the products to be considered as organic, thereare standards they have to meet in terms of processing or growing.



Food product

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I heared from someone that the organic food is very heathy meal for all ages. :/ is it true? 

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