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New Cake Decorating: creative cakes for every occasion by Betty Crocker

$10.00 $15.00

Hardcover in very good condition. Clean unmarked pages. Cut out and shaped cakes-bunny, fish, monkey, train, dinosaur, snowman, big burger, bicycle, ballet slippers cakes and more; festive holiday cakes- holiday pinecone cake, christmas tree cake, ne year's  cake, gingerbread cake cottage, easter bunny cake, jack l lantern cake, spiderweb cake, thansgiving cake, hannukkah dreidel cake; celebration cakes-- housewarming cake star of David, baby bib cake, umbrella cake,  bootie shower cake anniversary cake, wedding cake, computer cake, brthday cake, mother's day cake, father's day cake;,specialty bakery cakes-walnut torte, chocolate mini loaves, custard filling nutmeg cake, chocolae cookie cake and more; and cake basics.

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