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The Winnie-the -Pooh Library by A. A., Milne


The Original Pooh Treasury of boxed set of 12 hardcover Books. 1998 Publication by Dutton ooks.Box has shelving wear, but texts are clean and in very good condition. No writing on pages. Books_ Pooh invents a a new game; Piglet is entirely surrounded by water,Christopher Robin gives Pooh a party; Piglet meets a heffalump; An expotttion to the North Pole; A house is built at Pooh corner for Eeyore; Winnie the Pooh and some bees; Kangoa and baby Roo come to the forest; Tigger comes to the forest and has breakfast,; Pooh goes visiting and the Pooh and Piglet nearly catch a woozle; Tiggers don't climb trees; Eeyore has a birthday.

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